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large Fish,, Girl at  seaside   Bikers acrylic on Canvas


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Paintings from Florida

By the Pool

 By the Pool
acryluc on  canvas

Veterans Park
Delray Beach
30 X 24
561 372 1022

Deerfield beach cafe acrylic on canvas

“Deerfield Beach”
Acrylic on Canvas


24 X 30 inches

Acrylic on Canvas
30 X 24 inches


“No Dogs Allowed”
Acrylic on Canvas

30 X 24 inches

Acrylic on Canvas
24 X 20 inches

faith copeland painting of Mojaca Spain

Acrylic on canvas paintings of Mojaca Spain
click on them to enlarge

1.magic mountain

mojaca spain

2.Mojaca Town

Barlkimg dogs ,mojaca spain

3.Barking Dogs